Fond du Lac, WI
FDLLights - Lakeside Light Show
Welcome to our 2018 Christmas Lightshow!  The 2018 show is in the works - more info soon! Join us on Facebook
After parking, please turn off you headlights (if possible)! Elsa, Dominic the Donkey and Theodore, Alvin and Simon, better known as the Chipmunks will be returning this year!  Also returning , the popular Singing Snowmen, Mr Keys on the piano and making their first appearance, the singing Penguins!  Our 2017 Lightshow starts at 5pm and ends around 11pm every day from Black Friday through January 1st.  And, as always, there is no charge to see the show! See the show in the comfort and warmth of your car!  When arriving, tune your car radio to 87.9 FM to listen to the music. The trees will dance to 7 songs (about 25 minutes), followed by a short intermission and then the show repeats. A parking lot is open across the street from the display for best viewing.  Our Snack Cabin is located in the parking lot where Delicious Snacks, Hot Cocoa and Apple Cider can be purchased. The entire display is managed by special light controllers from Light-O-Rama that are networked together.  The controllers manage over 500 sections (or channels) of light that can turn on/off/dim up to 20 times a second!  In addition, over 7500 additional channels are assigned to special RGB LED bulbs that make up our 16 ft light grid and two 27ft trees.
Our 2017 Sponsors
Fond du Lac Noon Rotary