Fond du Lac, WI
FDLLights - Lakeside Light Show
Tell us what you thought about the show! Or read what others have to say about previous shows (click here) You can email us at: or use the form below. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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It isnt christmas unless we go see the lights! Awesome job, thank you for your hard work in putting this together every year. Thank you for the wonderful show this year and those in the past. One of my favorite traditions. Thank you! It was wonderful! We so look forward to it every year. It's become a tradition to drive through the park Thanksgiving evening. Every weekend too! Thank you for all the hard work! We appreciate you all greatly! The park drive and the light show have become a family tradition. Another successful year! Thank you to all of those involved in making this something our community can be very proud of. It is simply amazing, what started out as a few trees singing has skyrocketed into as fabulous show. Thank you all for your hard work and talent. Thank you for your hard work and talent that is put into this wonderful light show for all to enjoy! Happy New Year! Saw show last night it was wonderful something seniors can do not only is the show cool but we appreciated the whole park decorations just great. We drove from Madison to check it out. Thanks for doing this Saw the show 2 nights ago, loved it. Love the new songs. Thanks for doing such a great job. This is such an amazing thing for Fond du Lac! I'm so glad our town is able to put on something like this! Thank you all for your hard work for thousands to enjoy for free! ! You all truely know what the season is about!! THANK YOU!! Wow, what a show. The past couple of Christmas's we've not been in town so it was wonderful to still get to experience this fantastic display. Just wonderful. I remember seeing it years ago at the house and it was wonderful there too. It just keeps amazing me what talented people we have in Fond du Lac. Keep up the fantastic work. It's appreciated by so many. We all have our favorites and you do a great job of pleasing so many. Thank you so much.... It's an awesome show! So thankful that all the families in Fond du Lac & area can enjoy such a high quality show for free at a time when budgets are stressed to the max. THANK YOU for your genorsity in blessing the community! God Bless you & your families not only at Christmas, but throughout the New Year. Merry Christmas! Thank you for everyone's hard work! You brings HUGE smiles to the faces of my family! Thanks for all of your hard work to make this possible for the children....and actually all of this community ! Great, great show and thanks for keeping in Wizards! Great show. Thank you! Thank you all for your hard work. We have gone to the show every year since it started and it's a family tradition. Thank you all!!! Amazing! We go every year, and what a wonderful surprise of the new show. thank you so much. We will be going again to take guest coming in for the holidays to tour the park and light show.Thank you. We have spent a few years living in NE Wisconsin, and this lights show is one of our absolute favorite things about the area. A great treat for all ages! The show was wonderful! I never knew that there was one until I was driving my son through the park to see the lights and saw a show going on. He was captivated and loved the dancing snowmen. Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift to the community, we will definitely be returning! Its wonderful see this light show. Amazing work and great creativity. Hats off to the complete team involved to make it happen. Fantastic!!! Thank you for another awesome light show-it gets better every year! We love to stop as often as we can and listen to the great music and watch the beautiful lights:) Thank you so much for your hard work and talent to create such a magnificent display. My 94 year old mom enjoys watching it so much. Last night we took our annual tour of the city light displays and started and ended our trip at Lakeside Park. We look forward to your show very much. Thank you so much for the beautiful show you put on every year. We greatly enjoy it and bring friends and family to see it. Lakeside Park is the best place for people to watch the show and it brings more thru to enjoy all the rest of the park. Keep up the good work. Hope to see your work every year to come. One of the most wonderful light shows I have ever seen! Me and my girls loved it! Thank you for all your hard work so that we could enjoy it! We decided to take a drive through Lakeside Park with our kids after a long day shopping in FDL on Black Friday. We hadn't been through the park in a few years, and, WOW! We were suprised to "happen upon" your music/light show. Very impressive! It was obvious that a lot of work went into the show. The light show was very cool--reminded us of our trip last year when we experienced the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The quaity of the sound was also a pleasant surprise. Please keep it up for years to come. This has certainly become a new family Christmas tradition for us!! We'll be sure to spread the word. Thanks much. Your light show is awesome! Always is, but this year is THE BEST...... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THE LITTLE ELVES WHO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! Thank you so much for the beautiful light show. My family and I enjoyed it so much. It was amazing!!! Bravo! Kudo's From your fun show @ your Home on Grove st. to a Magnificent display @ Lakeside Park, You have out done yourself this year! This was absolutely wonderful. How talented the people are who put this on. We are very blessed to have this in our park. I couldn't stop smiling while watching this. Thank you for sharing your talent and this wonderful display. Awesome show!!!! I know our family appreciates all the hard work and thoughtfullness put into such a production. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for adding a new memory/part to our family tradition every year. How fortunate are we to have talented people here to put this together. Words DO NOT describe the I can say is FABULOUS!!! The light show is the most beautiful display i have seen since the electric light parade at disney land in california. you have done a most wonderful job. THANK YOU so very much!!!!! The City of Fond du Lac should be proud to have such a beautiful Christmas light show. We will definitely recommend our friends and family to experience the wonder and magic of this one-of-a-kind display of Christmas spirit! Great family show! Our three young children sat through it twice in a row, smiling the whole time! Thank You!