Fond du Lac, WI
FDLLights - Lakeside Light Show
Special thanks to: Joe Skelton: Owner Nemesis Metals, executive coordinator, design and construction Dan Robotka: Design, light/music programming/sequencing, controller layout/assignment Sandi Roehrig Executive Director Fond du Lac Area Foundation This show was made possible with the support and hard work of many volunteers who are listed below.  Please thank these people if you see them! Brian Kolstad Dave Hornung Tim Holzman Joe Braun and his daughter Victoria Braun Steve Victor Bob Roehrig Larry Richardson Amy Hansen Lisa Mader Peter Zacherl    William Fuhrman (STEM Student) FDL Rugby Team Dancing Tree Voices Megan Robotka (Balsam), Nick Robotka & Brett Zimmerman (most of the riddles), Lisa Moison, Mary Robotka and Madison Waltonbealer. Sponsors Announcment and Snack Cabin Advertisement Nick Robotka Other Thanks John Redmond (FDL Park Superintendent) CD Smith Construction
Our 2018 Sponsors - Thank You!
Fond du Lac Noon Rotary