Fond du Lac, WI
FDLLights - Lakeside Light Show
Special thanks to: Joe Skelton: Owner Nemesis Metals, executive coordinator, design and construction Dan Robotka: Design, light/music programming/sequencing, controller layout/assignment Sandi Roehrig Executive Director Fond du Lac Area Foundation This show was made possible with the support and hard work of many volunteers who are listed below.  Please thank these people if you see them! Diane Skelton Lisa Molson Jayne Immel Mark Killian Mitch Mallas Nate Danor Christine Skelton Stephan (Felix) Geelan Jim Skelton Rick Immel Greg Skelton Jeff Barnes Andy Skelton Ryan Skelton Dale Klitzke Bill Ferguson Kenny-Joe-Mike Ramirez Jaz Dancing Tree Voices Megan Robotka (Balsam), Jayne Immelk, Christine Skelton, Nick Robotka and Mary Robotka. A blast from the past:  Brett Zimmerman, Madison Waltonbealer (Rhodes). Other Thanks John Redmond (FDL Park Superintendent) Fond du Lac Computers   (Custom PC, Network cabling/testing -
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